Directors & Management

Bob Foster
PhD, FGS, CGeol, FIMMM, CEng
CEO Designate

Bob Foster has over 40 years of experience as a professional economic geologist in exploration, mining, and applied academic posts and has particular expertise in the genesis of and exploration for gold deposits, having worked in Europe, Central Asia, North and South America, and throughout Africa. Following ten years in the mining industry in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) he joined Southampton University in 1984 where he subsequently devoted more than 15 years to lecturing and managing a large applied research group investigating ore-forming processes and mineral exploration strategies on regional and area scales and within operating mines. He has published numerous scientific and technical papers and has been an invited keynote speaker at many international scientific and technical conferences around the world. During his time at Southampton University he also undertook numerous consultancy projects with major and junior mining companies and was a founding member of the management team of Pan-African Mining Pvt Ltd that developed the open pit Ayrshire gold mine in Zimbabwe in 1991- 1996. He also directed a major gold exploration programme for associated company Pan-Reef Mining in Zimbabwe during 1994-1996. Bob co-founded Stratex in 2004. 

Bob Foster
CEO Designate
Perry Ashwood
Chief Financial Officer
Peter Addison
Chris Worcester
Independent Non-Executive Director
Claire Bay
Group Manager - Corporate and Project Development
Bahri Yildiz
General Manager Turkey
Issouf Ouedraogo
General Manager West Africa

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